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Long Hui company leaders held training courses

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  In order to improve the self-management ability and overall quality of team leader, improve team execution and further promote full-cost accounting, on December 22, Longhui Company conducted intensive two-day training for team leader and technical leader. 
  Party Secretary Zhang Xindong presided over the opening ceremony, and for the training of the necessity and purpose made a clear request. 
  Ju Bin, chief technician of the workshop of the Company's thermal power plant, and Bin Yang, chief technician of the three refineries, introduced in detail how to innovate their thinking and creative work in their own minds. Longhui company Jia Weifang, director of engineering, Li Yiyong, Minister of Engineering, Wei Yuqi, vice minister of operations from the project quality, business management, business accounting three to tell you about the work of such problems in the solution. 
  Wang Hengxiang, chairman of Longhui company made an important speech, he stressed that team leader is the backbone of enterprise development, we must strengthen the situation and tasks to learn, practice excellent technology, and constantly improve their own qualifications, to be a "knowledgeable" team leader, Do the business authority, do the technical benchmark, give full play to their role, establish a good atmosphere, make a model, do business development practitioners and promoters, through joint efforts for enterprises to create better benefits. 
  On December 23, under the leadership of Longhui Company, more than 50 team leaders and teams respectively visited and studied Laomo Innovation Studio and Luoyang Bazheng Office and Luoyang Centennial Phonological Museum respectively. Through systematically organizing visits and experiences of staff and families, accepting red education, inheriting the red genes, promoting fine traditions, and strengthening ideals and convictions, we can not forget the beginning of our minds and continue to make greater contributions to the development of Longhui Company.


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